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Warranty & Returns

Please refer to the tool below to determine the best course of action for warranty repair or replacement.
If details for your product are not shown, please fill out a standard warranty return RA Form or please contact us on here.

Manufacturer Warranty Details
Category Warranty Details
Subcategory Warranty Details

Warranty/Returns Procedure

Our products are sold as is and do not include any provision of support on how to install, setup and use the products. To avoid any additional fees, before returning any products, we recommend that you personally attempt to troubleshoot your issue first as best you can by following the manufacturers guideline (assuming you are comfortable and have the knowledge required) and document the steps you have taken, so that we may be able to provide more efficient support and direction. Often additional support is offered directly by the manufacturer. Please check the table above for more information if this is available. Scorptec is only be able to offer limited technical support and if any additional support is required then it may be offered to our customer at a chargeable hourly rate.

We recommend that you first contact us for technical support and warranty enquiries using our online ticketing system or other methods found on this page. Please always provide us with your name, order / invoice number and the product that you purchased from us.

To Apply for a return simply click the button below