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Scorptec Review

Testimonials: What our customers are saying about us.
Excellent Service - 2016-02-03

I just wanted to say thank you for your excellent service my Das keyboard arrived safely yesterday evening, and I am slowly getting accustomed to the new keyboard feel. My order was dealt with quickly and efficiently. Even my query was answered within hours (unlike another company - I'm still waiting for their answer nearly a fortnight later!). Many thanks once again for your great service. With regards Angela

Angela, VIC
Consistently impressed by the service - 2016-01-29

Hi Scorptec! I just wanted to give some feedback. I'm consistently impressed by the service your staff provide, and constantly recommend you to friends looking to buy anything computer related. Just like clockwork, and so far you have not let me down! The only area I could suggest for improvement, is potentially using another postal/courier service, or providing the option for Auspost. My experience with Startrack has not been great, the drivers themselves are usually good, but trying to pickup a parcel that I was not home to receive (as I work full-time) is frustrating. Obviously, this is not your fault, but unfortunately you will often receive the ire of customers due to delivery issues. Anyway, thanks again for your service. I'm sure I'll be ordering something from you again soon! Andrew

Andrew, ACT
Thank you for the best service - 2016-01-23

Hi I just want to say thank you for the best service,and the care in handling my freight. I have never been so impressed with any company as scorptec For delivery time, quality and professional service. there are a lot of companies that could learn from you guys.I deal with freight every day and are responsible for many of these companies and yours being delivered on time every day. There are not very many that stand out in the level of care with how freight is packed and sent. I myself have learnt this from my own experience from scorptec. l will do my absolute best to have all your freight that passes through my agent to be delivered on time everytime. very happy customer thank you Shane.

Shane, VIC
Purchase process is as good as it gets - 2016-01-14

Hello, I just wanted to provide some feedback on my experiences dealing with Scorptec. I have made a number of purchases via the online process and in store over several years. There are several things I really like about the way Scorptec does things. 1/ The purchase process from start to finish is pretty much as good as it gets. The e-commerce platform has been consistent, stable and comprehensive over many years. All information to help the process is clear and readily available without have to bother Scorptec staff directly. The process is consistent and stable over time, there is no change for change sake, which seems to be popular these days. So the experience and outcome is always consistent and terrific. 2/ The communication during the purchase process, in particular with online purchasing, is outstanding. When there is an issue or deviation required with an order, the communication and updates flow readily and as required to the customer. There are no assumptions made. This is an aspect often missing from other vendors to an adequate level. 3/ The online purchase through to delivery process is efficient and processed as quickly as practically possible on every occasion. 4/ Considering the standard of service provided, the Scorptec pricing is good, not the cheapest, but not the most expensive either. Everyone has to make a dollar and I think Scorptec has pricing just about right. 5/ The range of products is impressive and reaches beyond just the residential market space into the commercial market space as well. This often simplifies things for me since I service customers within both market spaces. From my experience I would suggest that Scorptec keep doing what you do and how you do it. It's done better than most! I would hope and expect that opinion is broader than just my own. Take care Regards Mark

Mark, VIC
Ridiculously Efficient - 2016-01-06

Ridiculously efficient response this morning from Sth Melb - order 'ready for collection' minutes after lodging . . . Well Done!

Andy, VIC
Great Service - 2015-12-24

Great service, ordered at 2.00pm on 23rd December 2015 and delivered to Ballarat Office at 10am on the 24th December 2015. We never expected to see the new NAS Drive until well after the Christmas holidays. I am very impressed, you guys will be our first stop when we need computers or parts in the future. Well done, Frank

Frank, VIC
Amazing Customer Service - 2015-12-18

Amazing customer service from Phil, appreciate the effort and individual attention. Have a great Xmas!

Aran, VIC
Exceptional Service - 2015-12-12

The service and assistance which I have received with my orders has been exceptional.

Wayne, VIC
Amazing service - 2015-12-11

The service given to me was quick and easy. The computer worked perfectly and when I needed assistance the gentlemen on the phone was incredibly helpful. He gave very precise instructions and was able to assist me very quickly and easily. I cannot recommend these guys highly enough.

Luke, VIC
Excellent Service - 2015-12-07

The guys at Scorptec are quick and efficient, and have a high level of excellent customer service. A warranty issue was dealt with extremely well, they really know their stuff. I highly recommend!

Sooz, NSW
Hussein Amin
Thanks to Andrew Lou and the Clayton warranty Dept. - 2015-12-07

I would like to thank Andrew Lau and the Clayton warranty crew for organizing a replacement for a faulty Dell Monitor . Great service . Thank you

Hussein Amin, VIC
Astonished - 2015-11-27

Back in 2011, I ordered my first custom PC at Scorptec and had them build it for me as well. The very first game I played on it was Witcher 2, since my old Dell laptop couldn't even run it at the bare min specs. Four years later, it runs Witcher 3 well in medium settings and has not given me much issues along the way. I'm not tech savvy with computers and this has been perfect, as I haven't had the need to repair or service it in four years. My next PC build, which will be when Star Citizen is finished and about to release, is most certainly going to be at Scorptec.

Kiran, VIC
You guys are amazing - 2015-11-14

I regularly order a fair number of PC components from various suppliers. How is it that Scorptec are the most prompt and quick out of all the others? There was a compatibility (size) issue with a liquid CPU cooler that I ordered from you and my request to put the order on hold was answered in no time (by Cameron). I had to substitute another cooler and Cameron was great in assisting me with that. Issue resolved! My first Scorptec order was in Jan 2015. EVERY item I ordered was delivered to me arrived much sooner than I expected. If Scorptec and it's couriers were any faster, I would have the item before logging out of the Scorptec website. You guys are amazing.

Marvin, NSW
Awesome - 2015-11-14

Said it once, will say it again... Awesome service by the whole team in getting my new systems to the top end of Australia with no troubles whatsoever. everything was handed with the up most professionalism. Will be coming back soon! computer upgrades are never done...

Scott, NT
Terrific Customer Support - 2015-11-11

Just writing to congratulate you on terrific customer/sales support. Being in Sydney, I didn't expect to receive my goods till tomorrow at the earliest - but it is only midday today and I have already received my order. Great service - keep up the good work. Regards, Peter.

Peter, NSW
Excellent Employees - 2015-11-10

Hi, I want to compliment one of your excellent employees, Ashleigh for the assistance we received last Friday and Saturday. We are return customers and the service we received on the weekend is the reason we keep coming back. My son is in the middle of his University exams when his graphics card "blew up" and his computer would not start at all. We came to the Clayton store on Friday afternoon, asked them to investigate the problem and get back to us. Also asked if there was any way to expedite the process as he was in the middle of his exams and needed his desktop as he had virtual systems setup on it for his course and an exam on Monday. We received a phone call an hour later advising of the problem and what needed to be repaired. Very happy with the quick response. After a short conversation, my son also decided to make some upgrades as well. The desktop was ready the next day, Ashleigh also made some changes to both software and hardware and gave us some helpful advise on what we needed to do to improve performance for the immediate future as well as for the the future ahead. My son is extremely happy with his repaired and upgraded server, and so am I. My son will be coming back later in the year to purchase a new case and a few other bits and pieces to complete the upgrade. The bottom line is that customer service is lacking in so many areas but the service we received from Scorptec/Ashleigh was excellent. Cheers.

Peter, VIC
Wonderful Experience - 2015-10-23

Just wanted to say thank you the Sales team and your Tech support team for the wonderful experience I have had over the last 3 or 4 days with your company. I purchased a full new PC worth over $2000 and had problems with the motherboard (bent pins) and everyone really helped me out and it was no trouble at all. Very pleasant to deal with all involved. William you should be proud of your staff, I have not purchased from your company since you were selling out of your living room at your own house. I must say I will be recommending Scorptech to everyone I know. Well done everyone - very happy customer :)

Brett, VIC
Thank You to the Rowville Team - 2015-10-13

I would like to say a special thank you to the sales team at Rowville for the help that was given to me today, its not often a request for past product history plus invoice information is forthcoming without a lot of maybe's, not at all, sorry. So, a big thank you from me, no wonder I keep going back!

Pamela, VIC
Pleasant Experience - 2015-10-07

I just wanted to say what a pleasant experience I just had shopping with you guys :) I called Rowville store and Steve was efficient and professional, what a rare experience these days, I think I'll have to deal with you guys more, :)

Steven, VIC
Great Customer Service - 2015-09-10

Hi guys, just wanted to say GREAT customer service. I ordered my Wacom Intuos pro Tuesday midday..received Thursday 9.00am. Gentleman on the phone with order was extremely helpful and efficient. Would definitely recommend using Scorptec again. Thanks.

Deanne, QLD