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Scorptec Review

Testimonials: What our customers are saying about us.
I LOVE SCORPTEC!!! - 2013-07-30

I just like to express my appreciation for Scorptec's business ethics. I like the way that your stock levels are updated on your website. Although some your prices are higher than other shops online I still like Scorptec at the end of the day. I hope to see Scorptec around for another 30 years.

Joseph, NSW
Thanks - 2013-07-30

This is to say thanks for the technical support I've had over the past couple of months getting my new system working reliably. Everyone I've dealt with has been very helpful, though I want to point out the stand-out assistance I've had from Thomas in South Melbourne and especially from Wael, who has taken a lot of pains to support troubleshooting and resolving the issue, including pick-ups and drop-offs from my house.

Bruce, VIC
Thank you - 2013-07-30

I just wanted to thank you for your professionalism and assistance with my computer. It is a great testament to your commitment to customer service and by extension, Scorptec.

Allan, VIC
Thank you for the service - 2013-07-30

I'd just like to thank you for the services you have provided, by delivering such great products at great prices, which never fails to be under-average or poor. It always stands above its quality and keeps at it. I don't have any other general enquiries but to thank you for what you've done. Thank you.

Andrew, VIC
Exceptional Service - 2013-07-16

Exceptional custom service. Order was built and delivered promptly. Would recommend ScorpTech to anyone. Thank you :)

Jayden, VIC
Good Service - 2013-07-09

This is the first time I've used Scorptec, and given your staff's good service, it won't be the last.

Peter, VIC
Custom System - 2013-07-09

Very happy with the desktop PC, runs well, no problems so far, very neat wiring, customer service and overall communication was great, fast and efficient. PC arrived sooner than I could have hoped. Thank you.

Jarran, NSW
Impressed - 2012-11-09

I was agreeably impressed with your contact with me throughout my transaction with your firm. I will be a return customer.

Keith, VIC
Fantastic - 2012-11-09

I am very happy with your service.. I bought a charger online and received the item after 2 days.. Awesome service and highly recommended..I recommended you to my friends and relatives.. More power to you Scorpion!!

Memita, VIC
Incredible Service - 2012-11-09

I have been using Scorpion Technology for a while now, and I just wanted to say that I have never experienced such great service, such fast processing times, and delivery times from any company I have ever purchased my computer components online from, until I started using Scorptec and to this day I refuse to use any other service. I just wanted to personally thank all of the staff that makes this incredible service possible. I always recommend all of my friends and co-workers to purchase their computer components and technology from you as I have never had a negative experience through you and I am always blown away by the incredible delivery times that I receive. The prices may not be the cheapest on the market, but I personally feel that they are very fair, and when you add the incredible service and lightning fast delivery, it is extremely difficult to recommend any other company but Scorptech.

Matt, NSW