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Scorptec Review

Testimonials: What our customers are saying about us.
Very Professional - 2014-05-12

Hi, I have just recently bought a PC from your website and found the process to be very professional, I was also impressed by your post sales support.

John, VIC
Happy! - 2014-05-06

I'm very happy with Your service, Thank You very much. A happy costumer.

Franz, VIC
Recent Order - 2014-05-02

I cannot speak highly enough about James and your company. From the moment I sent a quote for computer components to build a gaming platform to receiving them in Cairns Far North Queensland took a total of 2 days. Not only was I able to purchase all the components from Scorptec due to their extensive range which is my preference but James was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and from there the order was compiled and shipped in excellent condition with nothing missing. I do 85% of my purchases online and I find Scorptec to be one of the best. Congratulations on providing such good and honest service and stocking an extensive range of products and at a reasonable price. I find it much easier to deal with one company when making many purchases.I highly recommend Scorptec to anyone. Keep up the good work!

David, QLD
Order - 2014-05-02

The package just arrived thank you. I'm happy and will not hesitate to do business with you in the future.

Chris, SA
Awesome Service - 2014-04-26

Bought an AOC 29 inch monitor from you today. The monitor is awesome and Scorptec service is equally awesome. Helpful, friendly and quick. Thanks :)

Matt, VIC
Amazing - 2014-04-22

You guys are amazing!

Jack, VIC
Recent Purchase - 2014-04-18

Thank you for the great service. Will return again for future techno stuff.

Heather, VIC
Excellent Service - 2014-04-17

Excellent service well done scorp!

Mick, VIC
Excellent Service - 2014-04-17

Excellent service - very quick in dispatching order, posted 14/04 received 15/04, and very well packed.

John, NSW
Feedback - 2014-04-15

I will be back to Scorptec in the future, thanks to your professional service.

Tony, VIC
Amazing Job - 2014-04-15

I just want to say what an amazing job you guys have done. The cabling is incredibly neat and professional. I'm very impressed.

Gareth, WA
Feedback - 2014-04-14

Just wanted to thank you for the competitive price and prompt delivery of my ASUS notebook.

John, VIC
Great Service - 2014-04-10

I recently made a purchase online from your store in Clayton VIC, and the very next day it arrived by courier on my doorstep in NSW , what an excellent service amazingly fast delivery , thanks so much , I would highly recommend Scorptec.

Shane, NSW
Super Fast - 2014-04-10

Just got the GFX card in the post, that was super fast, thank you!

Dimitry, NSW
Recent Order - 2014-04-07

Thank you for the excellent service and advice I received via your South Melbourne store. I was very impressed with the conduct of your staff who advised my wife and I. They were empathetic and informative at all times. We consulted in-store and via telephone. Also, the ordering, payment and pick-up process was straight-forward and very efficient. I felt confident at all stages that my purchase would be completed properly.

Martyn, VIC
I.T System Administrator - 2014-04-01

Our business switched to Scorptec from CPL and it has been fantastic. I really wish we had switched sooner. Scorptec has been a dream, no more clunky payment methods, no more waiting weeks for delivery, just clean, prompt, efficient service and a Corporate department that helps rather than infuriates. When we place an order it arrives within the week, we pay by credit card rather than being forced to do antiquated direct deposits with order numbers, Scorptec keeps us informed every step of the way, if they do not have something in there warehouse they send us an email straight away with an ETA rather than just making us wait. We switched because CPL refused to let me return a faulty product and when I reminded them of their legal obligation under Australian consumer law they told me it would take 6-8 months and when I told them that wasn't good enough they hung up on me ! I was a repeat corporate customer who had spent thousands of dollars buying their products and they hung up on me. CPL was simply not good enough, so I switched us to Scorptec and have not regretted the decision since

Matthew, VIC
Positive Feedback - 2014-04-01

Just a quick note to say I was very impressed. Your website back-end saw that I had left the site without checking out and gently invited me back to purchase. It worked. very nice. I placed an order Monday morning, goods were on my desk in Sydney less than 24 hours later. That is tremendous.

Scott, NSW
Service - 2014-03-13

Thanks for the help on the modem I feel a lot better about it now, I was going deep into forums and was pretty confusing! A lot to consider. Any way thanks.

David, VIC
Brilliant - 2014-03-11

Love your work, your customer service is brilliant.

Ivan, NSW
Customer Service - 2014-03-02

I had a fantastic customer service experience with Scorptec last Thursday the 27th. Friendly service from Daniel and an incredibly quick build of the PC I requested. Keep up the good work.

Jack, VIC