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Create a Custom System

Would you like to pick the parts for your system, piece by piece and have it professional built and installed by our highly trained staffed? Simply enter a name for your system below then click "Create System".


Please Consider

  • You should only use the system builder if you have knowledge in the compatibility of various system components.
    The website will not automatically stop you from selecting incompatible components. If you do not feel comfortable in selecting appropriate hardware configurations, you may need to consider choosing from one of our preconfigured systems.
  • Our highly trained staff will check for compatibility
    Before any system building commences, Scorptec staff will review the components you've chosen for your system to ensure they're compatible and suitable to your needs
  • We will contact you before building any systems
    Our staff will always contact you prior to building a system to confirm the parts chosen and organise the full payment required for all system orders.