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From compact powerhouses to spacious designs, Scorptec delivers Australia's finest selection of PC cases for personal or professional use. Whether you're crafting a workstation or a gaming rig, you'll find the ideal blend of functionality, style and reliability here to power your next build.

We carry the largest selection of PC cases in Australia

Discover the perfect home for your components. Scorptec's unmatched selection of PC cases is designed for performance, style and compatibility with every build type.
PC tower cases — Build without limits with classic PC tower cases that offer maximum space, expansion options and ultimate compatibility.
ATX cases — Discover the heart of versatility with our ATX cases, offering the perfect balance of space and functionality for your dream build.
Micro-ATX cases — Compact yet powerful, these cases are engineered for space-saving efficiency without compromising performance or style.
Mini-ITX cases — Embrace the power of minimalism with these models, perfect for building high-performance, space-efficient systems that fit seamlessly into any environment.
E-ATX cases — For the ultimate in high-end computing, our E-ATX cases provide ample space, superior cooling and unmatched build flexibility to house your dream machine.
Case mods and upgrades — Transform your PC into a work of art with our case mods and upgrades, offering endless possibilities to personalise and enhance your system's performance and aesthetics.
Server cabinets — Secure and organise your critical network infrastructure with our server cabinets, designed for superior accessibility, cooling and scalability in professional environments.

Only the best computer cases from top manufacturers

Discover the pinnacle of PC housing with our collection of the finest computer cases in Australia from globally acclaimed brands. 
Thermaltake cases — Thermaltake leads with innovation, offering cutting-edge cooling solutions and robust designs for both enthusiasts and professionals seeking reliability.
Antec cases — Antec is renowned for its sleek, user-friendly cases that combine functionality with aesthetic appeal, making them a top choice for builders at all levels.
ASUS cases — ASUS stands out with its blend of high-performance features and striking designs, tailored for gamers and tech aficionados looking for the edge in customisation and cooling efficiency.
Deepcool cases — This brand is widely accepted for its innovative cooling-centric designs, offering durable and efficient cases perfect for high-performance setups and gaming rigs.
Cougar PC cases — These PC cases stand out with their aggressive aesthetics and functional design, tailored for gamers seeking style, airflow and adaptability in their builds.
Corsair PC cases — Corsair has always been synonymous with quality, offering a range of cases that excel in cooling, customisation and ease of use — ideal for both novices and seasoned PC builders.
In Win cases — In Win is known for their artistry and craftsmanship, offering cases that blend innovative design with high-quality materials, perfect for those seeking elegance and functionality.
NZXT cases — This manufacturer specialises in sleek, minimalist designs with a focus on user-friendly features and superior airflow, making them a favourite among discerning PC enthusiasts.
Fractal cases — Fractal Design is acclaimed for their clean aesthetics and silent performance, providing sophisticated cases that don't sacrifice functionality or design.
Silverstone cases — Silverstone stands at the forefront of compact and efficient case design, offering versatile solutions for a wide range of needs, from gaming to professional workstations.

Start your dream build today
Explore our extensive catalogue to find the perfect computer case for your preferences. At Scorptec, we take pride in offering unparalleled support and the best warranty policy in the country. And don't forget to check out our wide range of accessories for server cabinets and rackmounts to complete your tech ecosystem. For more information or personalised assistance, don't hesitate to contact us.


What factors should I consider when choosing a PC case?
When choosing a PC case, consider size for component fit, cooling for thermal management, expansion slots for future upgrades and design for personal aesthetics. Compatibility with your motherboard size and desired peripherals is perhaps the most crucial consideration in this regard.

How do I decide between a tempered glass PC case and a traditional case?
A tempered glass PC case offers a stylish look with visibility into your build, ideal for showcasing components and custom lighting. Consequently, it comes with a heftier price tag. Traditional cases are more subdued, focusing on durability and performance without the aesthetic flair.

What are the differences between E-ATX, ATX, Micro ATX and Mini-ITX cases?
E-ATX cases are designed for elaborate builds, offering ample space for high-end components, and are often used for showcasing setups. ATX cases are the standard choice, providing a good balance between size and expansion capabilities.
Micro ATX cases cater to compact arrangements, while Mini ITX is the smallest option. It's ideal for tight spaces, but may present challenges with heat dissipation if not carefully planned.

Why might I choose a tower case over other desktop cases?
Tower cases provide better airflow and cooling, making them suitable for high-performance builds. They also offer more space for components and upgrades compared to other desktop cases. However, they are somewhat bulky, so they might not be suitable for tight spaces.

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