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Extended Warranty Terms & Conditions

Scorptec Extended Warranty

The Scorptec Systems Extended warranty is designed as a complete peace of mind warranty cover for all Scorptec systems. This is an over and above warranty cover of what the customer would receive normally from the manufacturer, offered at an extended time period as selected by customer at the time of purchase.

Customer Benefits

Extended Warranty Cover:
Scorptec Extended Warranty is designed to protect customers from paying any additional costs associated with faulty hardware that is already outside of the normal manufacturer warranty period, as well as any associated labour costs incurred during the warranty cover period. The normal period of labour warranty cover for any Scorptec System is 12 months only. However, Scorptec can now offer customers purchasing Scorptec built systems an extended warranty period for both parts and labour, for a period of 1,2, or 3 years (At the customer’s choice) from the invoice date.

Express Warranty Replacement:
Generally, the warranty turnaround time for systems can take up to anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks, heavily dependent on manufacturer or supplier support for the given product(s) at fault. The key benefit when buying any Scorptec Extended warranty is that, for the first 12 months, Scorptec will process the claim with the highest priority and replace any faulty parts immediately from our own inventory with new stock whenever possible, and aim to have the job completed within a week at the most, from the date of return.

Return to base or Courier Pickup and Return Option:
Return to base is the default standard option, which means the customer must return their system to any of our store locations at their own cost. If the courier pickup and return option is purchased along with your extended warranty, Scorptec will organise with the courier and cover all the costs associated with the courier pickup and return of your product for the whole duration of your warranty period. Scorptec will also cover any potential damage and loss in transit provided the item has been packed adequately. For this reason we heavily suggest keeping all boxes and internal packaging used to originally deliver your system.

No Lemon Guarantee:
As a peace of mind, if your system is not working the way it should, or if we cannot fix the issue and it has been returned to us at least twice within the first 12 months of your purchase, we will replace it with a new one. This policy applies only to the system components, and does not apply to any accessories, consumables, software, external devices or peripherals.

Customer Support Service:
Systems purchased with extended warranty cover are backed up with a limited technical support service for the whole period of the extended warranty cover. Customers may contact our technical support department should any issues arise with their system. This support however is limited to the hardware and software purchased in your system only.

Warranty Terms & Conditions

Scorptec Extended Warranty is still based on our normal terms and condition as set on our website. For the full descriptions of the terms and conditions, please visit our website at: .How a Scorptec extended warranty is different, is that if the period of extended warranty cover purchased is longer than the manufacturer’s warranty, the product will still be covered for warranty by Scorptec directly. The turnaround time for doing the extended warranty claim is also being made our top priority when dealing with warranty claims.

Scorptec will also apply a Tamper Proof warranty sticker to the back of the system case in every system built. This is done as part of our strict Quality Control. It is not used to prevent customers from accessing the inside of their computer in the future. Removal of this warranty sticker will only void any claims of loss, incomplete, damaged hardware, or incorrectly installed hardware in a system upon arrival. Customers should be able to verify their computer components in the system through software without opening up the case. When a Scorptec system is deemed faulty or contains an incorrect configuration, we require that systems to be returned to us have the warranty sticker still attached to ensure there has been no tampering. By removing this sticker customer will also accept to pay for any labour/courier costs associated with future warranty claims of the system. A new sticker will be applied when the system has been repaired by authorised Scorptec technicians to ensure the warranty terms and conditions have not been breached.

All work performed will be done with care when working with customers system, however Scorptec is not responsible and will NOT be liable in any way for incidental, consequential or indirect loss resulting from faulty systems or parts. Scorptec is not responsible for any data loss; backing up of data is the responsibility of the customer. Scorptec does not provide a backup or data recovery service when sending hard disks for warranty claims. Hard drives sent for warranty are always replaced with a new or refurbished equivalent unit.

Scorptec Extended Warranty does NOT cover for any software or installation issues e.g. computer viruses, trojans, worms, drivers or system software updates for any computer where Scorptec did not install the software originally. Should any warranty claims arise where software installed by the customer is at fault, our standard labour charges will be applied.

Extended Warranty is provided solely on products sold by Scorptec. Other faulty products used in conjunction with a system covered by Extended Warranty Cover that were not purchased from Scorptec will not be covered under warranty.

Extended Warranty cover for any damage or loss in transit claim is limited to a maximum value of $5000 per claim.

Notes: we can reserve the right to not offer extended warranty on any system at our discretion.

Extended Warranty covers hardware faults caused by manufacturing defects. If any item is found to be mishandled, modified, tampered with, abused, physically damaged, improperly installed and used, or damaged caused by power surges, electrical faults or lightning strikes, warranty will be void. Products returned that show evidence of user induced damage, over clocking, tampering or modification, will also be rejected. This includes improper installation of the CPU heat sink, scratches on motherboard, failure of fan/heat sink, broken or damaged parts, cutting of cables or the soldering of components.

Replacement Policy

After the first 12 month express warranty period, the warranty claim will still be processed with a high priority; however replacement parts may not be always brand new stock. It may be a repaired or refurbished item, and the replacement process may take up to 14 business days to complete. If an exact model for a part is no longer in stock or available at the supplier, or is no longer being made, Scorptec may replace the faulty part with either a similar model or brand (it may be of a different brand and model, provided it’s the same specification or better than the original part). If the closest alternative is not available, at our discretion Scorptec may offer customers an upgrade to a better or higher model at a minimal or no additional cost.

Credit or Refund Policy

If a suitable replacement, repair or alternative still can’t be provided, the customer will be given the option of a credit or refund of the faulty unit at a depreciated value. This is calculated based on a proportionate value of the faulty hardware only and does not apply to any software, service or assembly charge, credit card surcharge, courier costs or extended warranty. Where a key component for a system is faulty and a replacement is no longer available or made, and the system cannot be fully restored or reinstated into its original working order, Scorptec will then offer a refund based on a pro rata value of its remaining warranty period. At Scorptec’s discretion, a refund in the above circumstance of key component failure may be offered to the customer based on the whole system’s value.