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Credit card verification steps and procedures

Credit Card Verification:

In order to bring our customers the convenience and safety of online credit card payment we have a robust credit card verification procedure. We have incorporated a safety mechanism feature used by banks and credit card companies designed to protect all credit card customers as well as the owner of the credit card from potential fraudulent use. Because of this, please keep in mind that your credit card details will always be required to be entered each time you place an online credit card order with us. For safety measures, we do not store your credit cards information within your account so if anyone have gained access to your account, they will not be able to make purchases and pay using your credit card details. All customer and credit card data is securely processed and encrypted through the eWAY or Braintree payment gateway to offer the highest level of protection possible. eWAY and Braintree adheres to the highest security standards set by Visa and MasterCard. During the eWAY and Braintree transactions, Scorptec does not store the credit card personal details.

Token Verification
Token Verification is a verification process by which Scorptec will generate a small random amount on your credit card. Usually it will be shown as 'Pre-Authorisation' or 'Miscellaneous Transaction' on your bank account transaction list.
This once off process is mandatory for any customer who placed their first credit card courier order. To be able to benefit the online ordering using credit card payment facilities and be confident that your order will be processed immediately in the future, we strongly encourage customers to get themselves verified.
Three Steps for Token Verification:
1. Token amount is placed by Scorptec.
The verification process begins after the customer entered their credit card details online and the order has been placed. A small, random amount of less than $3 will be 'reserved' from the credit card account. This token amount will show up in the customer credit card account either immediately or within 24 hours.

2. Check Token
Within 24 hours, you need to check your credit card statement/account by calling your credit card company or if you have an online access, you can also view your credit card transactions. This token amount will be showing on the customer credit card but may also be hidden as its not a direct charge. You must verify what the value of the token within 3 days in order to achieve a 'Fully Verified' Status. After 5 days, the amount that was reserved will expire and disappear from the account. Customer will not be charged for this verification process. If you do not have the information within 24 hours please contact us immediately and we will arrange for a 'direct' charge rather than 'reserve' method.
3. Enter Token to Verify
Customer can achieve the verified status by entering the correct token amount by logging into their Scorptec account on our website. You have two opportunities to enter the amount. Once the amount has been verified as being correct, you will then achieve a fully verified status on your account. Verified customers are able to place any orders in the future without being subjected to further verifications.